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What is Lighting Control Automation?

What is Lighting Control Automation?

If you work or travel and aren’t always home to switch on and off your lights each day, you might need an automatic timer for your lights. This enables you to control when your lights come on and off and for how long. Our Lighting Control Automation might be just what you’re looking for. Our smart timer is perfect for your porch lights, garage carriage lights and landscape lighting. And more advanced than a timer from your local hardware store.

Lighting Control Automation:

  • Calibrates daily and knows the sun sets at a different time each day
  • We set it, you forget it. No need to touch unless you want to override
  • Knows when daylight savings time happens
  • Has a memory for power failures
  • You can control garage carriage lights and front porch carriage lights
  • You can also control indoor lamps, etc.
  • Ability to dim carriage lights so they don’t wash out the landscape lights
  • Ability to control from an app anywhere in the world

It’s that easy. If this is something you may be interested in, give us a call at (423)-710-8645</a . We can provide you with design, installation, maintenance, service and the best customer service around. Or find us online at www.chattanooga.outdoorlights.com

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