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OLP of Chattanooga Franchisee Expands into Northwest Atlanta Market


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is happy to announce that Joe Bozich, the owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga has acquired the Northwest Atlanta territory expanding his ownership across two neighbor states.

Known as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of NW Atlanta, Joe Bozich will design and install custom outdoor lighting systems for his residential and commercial clients, for home exteriors, landscapes and gardens, patios, decks, poolsides and all kinds of outdoor living spaces. He will service the entire northwest Atlanta area including Cobb County and Fulton County.

Mr. Bozich has been an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisee since 2011 after recognizing that the outdoor lighting industry was an unfilled niche in the Chattanooga, Tennessee market. “I wanted to provide local residents with a quality product with exceptional customer service,” explained Joe Bozich. “As a Chattanooga resident of over 35 years, this was something I was really passionate about and to be able to take over the expansion in the Northwest Atlanta market was an incredible opportunity our entire team is grateful for.”

“We are excited to see Joe Bozich expand into the northwest Atlanta market,” announced Rich Young, Vice President of Operations for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. “We have no doubt he will bring his commitment to providing a world-class service experience to the residents and businesses of Atlanta and will continue to build a solid presence for the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives brand in the Atlanta market.”

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, established in 1995, is the first and largest full service outdoor lighting company. In its twentieth anniversary year, the brand boasts over 100,000 installations, over 50 locations across the United States and 3 international locations. The franchise is known for skillful, custom design and their free nighttime demonstration.

Featured in Architectural Digest, Garden Design, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Coastal Living and Martha Stewart Living, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives features stunning handcrafted copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures which blend in with the natural outdoor environment so that all you see is the effect of the outdoor lighting.

Additional information can be viewed at http://www.outdoorlights.com.

Choosing the Right Holiday Lighting Display for Your Home

I know what you are thinking after reading this blog’s title. Christmas in July? It is way too early to be thinking about winter when it is 90 degrees outside and the forecast is far from snow. However, a lot of time and effort has to go into a holiday lighting design to ensure you achieve the right look.

Whether you are planning to simply decorate your house and lawn with a few lights here and there or wanting to go the full nine yards Griswald style, the correct lighting makes all the difference. Plenty of holiday lighting is tried and true such as twinkle lights, icicle lighting, festively lit trees and, of course, wreaths. This year, why not step out of your comfort zone and with a couple trending outdoor holiday lighting ideas.

While incandescent lighting used to be the go to in providing that warm, subtle glow that everyone loves, there is now a more energy-efficient option: LED.

LED lights come with many great environmental benefits. One main benefit would be the significant decrease in the amount of energy they use. Not only do they benefit the earth by using less natural resources and avoiding power plant pollution, but they also benefit your wallet too. Due to LED lights not having filaments like the incandescent bulbs, they won’t burn out like traditional bulbs or get too hot. That means they will be more durable and last longer so you won’t have to worry each year about that one light that makes the whole strand go out.

Bright colored lights are also great for cheerful holiday displays. Using your natural landscape, such as bushes and trees, ensures that your home will have that vibrant look without being over the top or hard on the eye. Of course the classic white lights around beautiful greenery, like garland that frames your home and full wreaths that hang from the windows, adds a nice touch and gives the home that classic holiday feel. Try framing your home this year with beautifully lit garland to really make your house pop.

When you are thinking about what type of design you are wanting to install, keep in mind your own taste and what would look good on your house. Don’t just follow the trends. Each home is different and not all displays will match the look and feel of your home. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble or simply do not have the time, we recommend sticking to the basics or hiring a professional to create a display for you.

Even though most people tend to enjoy the beauty of holiday lighting, homeowners tend to get discouraged or overwhelmed about the process itself. You can have all the holiday cheer and eggnog in the world and, still, untangling lights and standing on wobbly ladders will seem like a job rather than an enjoyment. The worst part is, once they are up and shining bright, it feels as thought the season comes to a close all too fast and the process of taking them down begins.

If you are looking to have the lighting display that will make your home admired by all who walk or drive by without all the stress and hassle, choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to do all the hard work for you. You will get the holiday lighting of your dreams without the battle that comes with having to unravel tangled balls of lights or dig out crumpled bows you shoved up in the attic the previous year.

We take the time to design, set up, take down and store your lighting so you don’t have to lift a finger. So sit back and enjoy that eggnog with your family and friends. Call us today and get on our schedule before it is too late. To set up a consultation and get the ball rolling, call (423)-710-8645

Spring is in the Air

Spring is almost here! With longer days and warmer weather, the flower buds are starting to appear and the greenery is beginning to show signs of growth. Chattanoogans are ready to be back outside enjoying the sunshine and smelling the fresh air. This is the perfect time to begin thinking about your landscape and garden areas and what improvements can be made before the official planting begins.

Without all the greenery, it is much easier to evaluate the perfect placement for your new garden elements and add-ons you may not have had last year. The same goes for outdoor lighting. Spring is a great time to install garden lighting and plan which areas of the yard you would like to illuminate and have on display once the sun goes down.

Considering the amount of time you put into tending and gently nurturing your garden, all that hard work should not go unnoticed. Bring attention to your exquisite design and showcase it the way it is meant to be seen. Don’t just enjoy your garden in the mornings and on the weekends. If you love your pansies and snapdragons, the perfect light at just the right height and angle will make sure you see them no matter where you are standing in your yard. Each fixture is carefully placed to ensure no part of your garden goes unnoticed.

Gardens aren’t the only places where flowers bloom and plants flourish. If your rose bushes are your favorite element around your pool area, the proper lighting will guarantee each bush is well-lit and able to be enjoyed during a late night swim or relaxing evening on the porch. Many of you have special features at your home that are important to you such as a fountain, statue, arbor or pond. These unique structures make a great addition .

If you are looking to start your spring landscaping and would like us to help you design the perfect, stunning outdoor lighting display, call us today (423)-710-8645 for a free nighttime lighting demonstration. Check out our website for examples of each type of lighting we have to offer.

Get Your House Ready for the Holidays

That time of year is coming. Yes, you all know what we are talking about. The season filled with friends and family coming from long and far to visit your home for the holidays is just around the corner. Not only do you worry if the inside of your home is ready for guests, but you fear what the outside may look like after a few months of not distressing about the lawn growing at an unfathomable rate and the weeds finding every crevice to grow from.

Make this year a little more relaxing and welcoming with just a few simple fixes. Nothing is more welcoming than pulling up to a well-lit home that has an illuminated walkway for all those trips back and forth to get bags and presents out of the car. When your relatives walk down your entrance stairs, make them feel safe and secure knowing they can see each step on the way down. Since it is your home, you may be able to maneuver around in the dark since you have made the walk many time before. However, guests do not know that there is a crack in the middle of the sidewalk or that the third step has a bit of a bump on it.

Past our permanent lighting, we also offer great holiday lighting options as well. No one, and I mean no one, looks forward to pulling those dusty holiday decoration boxes off the shelves or out of the attic only to untangle huge knots or replace that one pesky bulb that takes out the whole strand. You have better things to worry about. Sit back and relax knowing you will not be out in the cold on an old, rickety latter trying to finish your holiday lighting last minute before your guests arrive.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga not only will set up your holiday lighting up just the way you like it, but will also take it down and store it so you don’t have to lift a finger. We store all your decorations in our clean, dry and temperate controlled facilities. No more having to play jenga to get all those boxes to fit in your attic or garage. This also allows us to make sure all your lights are working properly before next year’s re-installation.

If you interested in getting landscape or holiday lighting for your home this holiday season, don’t wait any longer. Call us at (423)-710-8645 and get an appointment today.

Outdoor Lighting for Football Season

Here in Tennessee, nothing is more anticipated than football season in the south. Soon, the weather will begin to change and the season of tailgating, cool and breezy sweater days, bonfires and of course…pumpkin flavored everything will finally begin. With the weather being so nice, no one wants to sit inside to watch their favorite team potentially win the game. They want to be outside where they can scream and chant and potentially drop one too many chips on the ground instead of their great grandmother’s Persian rug.

Create the perfect tailgating experience for you and your friends’ right in your very own backyard. With the set-up of your dreams, you will wonder why you ever went anywhere else to watch the game. Your home will be the place to be come kick off time. With outdoor lighting, you won’t have to worry about you and your guests having to go inside once the sun sets. You also won’t have to worry about finding that plate of appetizers you misplaced in the dark. If you are wanting to create the best entertainment area for such events, you should consider outdoor lighting.

Create a fun and safe environment by adding outdoor lights in places such as under your stair risers or railings to create a soft illumination that will allow you, your friends and family to navigate whole deck with ease? If you have an outdoor bar or kitchen area, what better way to show it off than to light it up with beautiful, soft lighting. Gone are the days of using that flashlight or phone to try and figure out if your steaks are done on the grill. We will make sure each corner is properly lit so that you and your guests can enjoy the full effect of the perfect atmosphere far into the football season.

Our lighting experts will custom design a landscape lighting plan to meet your specific needs. We offer a superior warranty plan, complimentary initial consult and unparalleled customer service. Let us be your provider for landscape lighting, safety lighting, deck and pool lighting, architectural lighting and holiday lighting.

If you are interested in creating the perfect outdoor experience this football season for all the parties and tailgates, call us today at (423)-710-8645 to schedule your free consultation.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Holiday Lighting Company

I know what you are thinking right now after reading this blog’s title. Christmas in July? It is way too early to be thinking about the winter. After all, it is 90 degrees outside and we are far from season of snowflakes and candy canes. However, if you are considering having a professional lighting company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga create your perfect holiday lighting design this year, you need to get a spot on the schedule as soon as possible. Many wait far too late to try and book an appointment and come to find that the schedule is booked solid.

We don’t want to have to turn away any of our customers. We want to make sure you get holiday lighting of your dreams without the hassle of having to unravel tangled balls of lighting or dig out crumpled bows you shoved up in your attic the previous year. This year, focus on spending your time with friends and family instead of worrying about putting up or taking down your holiday lighting. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga, we do all the work for you so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Here is our process:

1. First, we sit down with you and create a custom designed lighting plan that fits your every need and desire. You can choose from stylish wreaths, lighted garland, roofline lighting, tree lights and sparkling snowflakes to name a few.
2. Once we have your plan designed, we reserve a date on our calendar to come install the lights for you. There will be no worry in your mind as to when you will find the time to get out in the cold when you have so many other things on your list of to do’s already. Instead, sit by the fire and relax with a warm beverage while we do all that tedious work for you.
3. Next, our team will come out to your home and install all the lighting and creates the display of your dreams. If anything seems out of place or you realize you would rather have something in a different location, we move it for you so everything is just right.
4. When Christmas is over and the time comes for the lights to come down, you won’t have to do a thing. Not only do we install your holiday lighting, but we also take it down and store it for you. Could the idea of holiday lighting sound any better than that?
5. If you are interested in holiday lighting for next year and do not want to have to worry about getting on the list in time, we offer you the option of setting up an appointment for next year. That way, there is one less thing for you to do once the holiday rush comes back around.

Our goal is to give you as much time to enjoy your lighting as we can, giving you the opportunity to spend that time with your family and friends during this special season instead of stressing over how and when you will get those laborious decorations up.

If you are interested in holiday lighting for your home this winter, give us a call NOW so we can get you on our schedule before it’s too late. We don’t want you to miss out. To set up a consultation and get the ball rolling, give us a call at(423)-710-8645 . Take a look at some of the decorations we have to offer by visiting our website.

Create Safety and Security with Outdoor Lighting

Do you worry about your house not being well lit when you arrive home? Does the possibility of a break in cause you to be concerned about your own house and the potential of it happening to you? With outdoor lighting, you can add that extra security you have been needing to feel safe and sound at home during the late hours of the night.

When you arrive home and the sun has already gone down, you shouldn’t have any doubts about your safety when you step out of your car and walk to your doorway. A well-lit home will give you the peace of mind in knowing that you can see all the dark corners of your home’s exterior. No window or doorway will go unnoticed. Burglars do not want to risk the chance of being seen. If there are no dark places for them to hide in or use to their advantage, they are going to move past your home.

The same concept applies for when you are out of town. With outdoor lighting, it makes deciding whether or not the owner is home a concern for the potential burglar. With the risk of getting caught or seen by the neighbor next door, they will see your house as a complicated target and second guess trying to break in.

Businesses are just as large of a concern. Because most thieves know that the normal business hours are between eight and five, they know when the building is occupied and when it is not. As a business owner, the potential hassle of having equipment stolen from your office can weigh heavy on the mind. Erase all worry by making sure each window and entry way is well lit, along with any side alleys or parking lots. This will also benefit you and your employees when you leave the office and walk to your car after work hours.

We will install lighting to cover all the bases, from windows and doors to bushes and pathways. We will make sure your home is well lit and safe so that you can rest assure knowing that you will not be walking by yourself in the dark or having any issues seeing your whole yard when you glance outside your window.

If outdoor lighting is an interest of yours, call us today and we will set up a free nighttime demonstration for you to see for yourself what your house should look like. (423)-710-8645

Benifits of a Nighttime Demonstration

You wouldn’t buy a house without asking a list of questions as you take a close look inside each and every room, would you? The same should go for outdoor lighting. This is why we offer free night time demonstrations. With a nighttime demonstration, you can see the full effect of what your house will look like with outdoor lighting without spending a dime.

Our expert outdoor lighting technicians will work with you to decide upon a convenient day and time to come to your home slightly before dusk. They will then discuss with you the design that you have in mind and will lay out each light to fit that particular vision. Just as the sun goes down, they will have you come outside and turn on the lights so that you can see the before and after effect.
Once you see your house beautifully illuminated by the uplights as you walk down your well-lit pathway, you will wonder why you waited so long to make this dream a reality. It will be hard for you to imagine your house any other way.

After we show you our crafted design, we will then discuss with you what you might want to tweak or have moved or removed. After seeing your design off paper, you might come to realize you don’t want one of your trees to be lit up or you wanted a certain part of the house to be a tad bit brighter. We will then easily move the light to a different location or simply remove it if it is not necessary. Our goal is to create the design that you want to see every night as the sun recedes. A nighttime demo allows you to make the changes you see fit and give input on what you like and dislike all before your system is even installed.

If you fall in love with your lighting display and settle on a design that is just right for you, we will provide a proposal on the spot and cue you for the next available date for us to come out and begin your installation. If you need time to think about your new design or need to discuss the idea further, we will step back and give you time to mull it over and decide for yourself what is in your best interest. We understand big decisions aren’t meant to be rushed. We want you to be just as satisfied with the design as we are.

Never waste another minute wondering what your house would look like with outdoor lighting. We will collaborate with you in designing the perfect display. Call or email us today at (423)-710-8645 or see us online at http://chattanooga.outdoorlights.com/ for a free night time demonstration.

Designing the Perfect Patio

Spring is finally upon us, which means more time outside in the fresh air and less time being cooped up indoors. From cookouts to cozy nights with a glass of wine and a good book, your patio with be the perfect place to relax and enjoy the warm weather.

With the proper lighting, you no longer have to worry about how many hours of daylight you have left to enjoy your patio space. We offer custom LED patio lighting to fit your every need. Whether you are looking to create a peaceful oasis or an entertainment patio, we have the necessary skills and commitment to design the patio of your dreams.

One of the biggest trends in Chattanooga patio lighting right now is permanent LED string lights. Not only do these lights work great for the warm weather season, but they also look stunning during the cozy, cool winter nights as well. You can enjoy these lights all year round.

Spring doesn’t just bring about beautiful weather, however. With the sunshine comes the rain. This means your yard will acquire puddles and slick patches along with fallen branches and mud. All of these are hazardous once the sun goes down. With landscape lighting, you will improve your safety by illuminating the areas that were once dangerous and hidden from your sight. Our lighting can also illuminate paths that may not be paved, allowing you to enjoy your whole yard instead of just your designated pathway. Through proper, adequate illumination on your walkways, steps and stairways you can rest assure you and your guests will be able to see where you are walking.

Whether you are looking for a cozy place to curl up with a cup of coffee or a fun place to play funky music and invite all your friends for a good time, outdoor lighting will make your deck dream come true. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga today for a complimentary at home nighttime demonstration. (423)-710-8645</a

What is Lighting Control Automation?

What is Lighting Control Automation?

If you work or travel and aren’t always home to switch on and off your lights each day, you might need an automatic timer for your lights. This enables you to control when your lights come on and off and for how long. Our Lighting Control Automation might be just what you’re looking for. Our smart timer is perfect for your porch lights, garage carriage lights and landscape lighting. And more advanced than a timer from your local hardware store.

Lighting Control Automation:

  • Calibrates daily and knows the sun sets at a different time each day
  • We set it, you forget it. No need to touch unless you want to override
  • Knows when daylight savings time happens
  • Has a memory for power failures
  • You can control garage carriage lights and front porch carriage lights
  • You can also control indoor lamps, etc.
  • Ability to dim carriage lights so they don’t wash out the landscape lights
  • Ability to control from an app anywhere in the world

It’s that easy. If this is something you may be interested in, give us a call at (423)-710-8645</a . We can provide you with design, installation, maintenance, service and the best customer service around. Or find us online at www.chattanooga.outdoorlights.com

Selecting the Right Fixtures: Part 2

Thanks for checking back for Part 2 of selecting the right outdoor lighting fixtures for your home. Part 1 focused primarily on the object you were trying to light. Part 2 will focus on features of the different fixtures.

When it comes to choosing hardware for your outdoor lighting system, we offer corrosion-proof outdoor light fixtures, wires and lamps. They withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. The solid copper and brass takes on a nice patina over time, blending seamlessly into your landscape. Most of our fixtures are hand crafted in the U.S. Our state-of-the-art LED technology plays a major role in boosting your efficiency, too.

Let’s talk about fixture specifics:
1. Spot bulb: highlights accent objects or objects from a far distance
2. Wide floods: evenly distribute light across an object
3. Mini floods: spread gentle light across a low lying object
4. Metal: copper or brass is much more durable in environments exposed to water, sun and organic material
5. Light source: halogen is great and has stood the test of time, but LED lasts as much as 50,000 hours

You’ll need to think about where you wish to add light and which fixture will give you the most bang for your buck. We’d be happy to schedule you for a free consult and give you our expert opinion. Just call us at 423.710.8645. Or see us at www.Chattanooga.OutdoorLights.com.

As the nation’s largest, most trusted provider of outdoor landscape lighting, our lighting experts will help you design a one-of-a-kind plan to fit your needs. We design and install deck, pool, patio, gazebo, landscaping, path, tree and holiday lighting. And we offer complimentary consults, terrific warranty plans, and provide excellent customer service. Let us help you transform your home and yard into something special.

Selecting the Right Fixtures: Part 1

You’ve probably seen the beauty that landscape lighting and architectural lighting can have on the curb appeal of homes. Perhaps you’re ready to make the move to owning your own outdoor lighting system, but you don’t know where to start.

In Part 1, we will discuss using the correct lighting fixture depending on your objective:

1. The front of the home: use up lights (also known as well lights) to spread light evenly across the home.

2. Avoiding dark spots on dormers and peaks: use spot lights from across the yard positioned above the line of sight to add light to dark dormers or peaks. Alternately, install lights in the gutters.

3. Sidewalks and steps: use path lights at the right height to throw light down on walkways and steps.

4. Ornamental plants and sculptures: use flood lights mounted a good distance from the object to allow light to reach.

5. Trees: determine whether you want light to go up or down the tree. A well light in the ground is suitable for up lighting trees. Down lighting or moon lighting requires a tall ladder and a fixture that is sealed from the back side to prevent water from getting into the fixture.

Check back into our blog to see Part 2 of Selecting the Right Fixture for your lighting system.

Meanwhile, for design or service work, call the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga 423.710.8645 or see us at online at www.chattanooga.outdoorlights.com
and on Facebook www.facebook.com/Chattanooga.Outdoor.Lighting

Deck and Pool Lighting for Summer Entertaining

Make the most of your time outdoors this summer with professionally installed landscape lighting. Entertaining friends and family after the sun goes down has never been easier. Light up dark patio, pool and deck areas. Professional lighting enables you to enjoy the outdoors at night while providing necessary safety features. Guests can view your beautiful yard, deck/pool, gardens, and furniture more easily and enjoy the ambiance hand-crafted, quality lighting offers.
With water features becoming more popular – the need for fountain, pond, waterfall and pool lighting has increased. Step and deck lights finish off the design beautifully. Lighting fixtures in antiqued brass or copper blend seamlessly into your landscape for a professional and sophisticated appearance. And with fully programmable automatic lighting controls, outdoor areas can switch on and off each evening.

Choose between a soft glow around your pool or a multi-color light display. Often times, it’s possible to work with existing pool area lighting to save money on materials and installation. Low-voltage retrofit kits will enhance lighting fixtures, while using less energy and producing more light.
We offer deck lights, up lights, down lights, tree lights, moon lights, gutter lights, flood lights, and festive, string lights as well as many more beautifully crafted sculpture lighting. For expert lighting consultations, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at (423)-710-8645</a. Or check us out at www.Chattanooga.OutdoorLights.com

Landscape Lighting Can Help Sell Your Home

Putting your home on the market? Not easy in this ever changing market. Did you know that landscape lighting can add value, curb appeal and safety to your home and property?

First, the value factor. Landscape lighting is an investment in your home, and one that will surely add value and beauty. Professional lighting can show off your home’s architecture, beautiful façade, and high-quality craftsmanship.
Let others see the gorgeous trees lit up on your property and the time you’ve spent working in the gardens. If you have a pool and deck, lighting can make all the difference when entertaining. Plus, you want to ensure the safety of your guests.
Second, let’s address the curb appeal factor. On dark, winter nights, landscape lighting can bathe your home and property in beautiful lighting that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Large trees, meticulous shrubbery and even the architecture of your home are all on full display for everyone to enjoy.

And on summer evenings, your gardens, deck, pool and pathways are well-lit and simply look spectacular. Show off your home’s assets. Don’t be afraid to make the outside as inviting as the inside of your home.
And last but not least, the safety and security of your home and property. Let’s face it, we have all missed a step or stumbled coming up to someone’s home. Don’t forget the basic rule of making sure family, friends and guests can clearly see where they’re walking on your pathways, steps and porches. And a well-lit home and surrounding property is a deterrent to burglars and unwanted guests. Even when you aren’t home, your lighting system can be programmed to turn on and off whenever you choose. Illuminate common dark areas such as side yards and garages too.

We are the nation’s largest, most trusted provider of outdoor landscape lighting. Our lighting experts will help you design a one-of-a-kind plan to fit your needs. We design and install deck, pool, patio, gazebo, landscaping, path, tree and holiday lighting. We offer a terrific warranty plan, top-notch customer service and quality brass and copper fixtures.

See how we can offer your home and property value, curb appeal and safety. For more information, contact us at (423)-710-8645</a or find us online at www.Chattanooga.OutdoorLights.com.

Denim and Diamonds

The 11th annual Denim and Diamonds fundraiser took place Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at the Chattanooga Convention Center. Chattanooga physicians and community leaders came together for an evening of music, food and a celebration of healing. This years’ theme was Heroes & Villains. The creative attire was part of the fun of participating in this annual fundraiser. Many contributors chose to dress as heroes and villains from all genres. Much fun was had dancing and participating in the auctions.

We are thrilled to be a supporter of Project Access, a partnership of community health initiatives which provides access to health for low-income, uninsured individuals in Hamilton County. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been a supporter of Project Access for three years and graciously donated a $1500 lighting package for the live auction, which encouraged community-wide participation in raising funds. The event netted over $100,000 for the Medical Foundation of Chattanooga.

The event is organized by the Chattanooga Hamilton-County Medical Society, Medical Foundation of Chattanooga, and Medical Alliance. Since 2004, the organization has coordinated more than $110 million dollars in donated health care to more than 12,000 low-income Hamilton County residents without access to health insurance or government-sponsored program.
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga provides beautiful, hand-crafted, outdoor lighting for homes and businesses, gardens, decks, outdoor living spaces and pool areas. Our fixtures are made in the United States and are available in copper and brass. Landscape lighting offers safety, security and beauty to your home and property. We provide free consultations, a personalized design plan, excellent customer service and an unmatched warranty plan. We service existing lighting systems as well.
Owner Joe Bozich has served on the Project Access committee for over three years and is also a regular volunteer. We support many charitable organizations as shown here: Outdoor Lighting Perspective Gives Back.

For design or service work, call the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga (423)-710-8645</a or see us at online at “www.chattanooga.outdoorlights.comhttp://chattanooga.outdoorlights.com/”: and on Facebook www.facebook.com/Chattanooga.Outdoor.Lighting

5 Things to Consider When Expanding Your System

Many people that own outdoor lighting systems fall in love with the effect. Eventually they want to add on to their existing system. Perhaps you want to expand into the side or back yard. Or maybe you started with a smaller budget and now have been saving up for “phase 2”.

Here’s five things to consider when expanding:

1. How much space for expansion do you have on the transformer? Example: let’s say you have a 300 watt transformer. If you have 10 lights with 20 watt bulbs each, you have used up 200 out of your 300 watt transformer. Typically you don’t want to exceed 80% of the transformer’s capacity. Therefore you can only add two more fixtures at 20 watts, to total 240 watts. Exceeding capacity will overload the transformer, cause it to trip or completely fry it.

2. How much of a load do you have on a line? This varies depending on the side of the wire. Perhaps a good rule of thumb is not to exceed 100 watts per line.

3. Do your new fixtures match the brightness of your old? Simply be sure to match your watts. If your system contains all 20 watt fixtures, stick with 20 watt on the new ones. If you added 50 watts, your design would be uneven and also potentially overload the system.

4. Are you using LED? Not all LEDs have the same color. While some display similar light and can be mixed with halogen, many LEDs vary in color, quality and brightness. Make sure your new fixtures match.

5. What areas would you like to improve/showcase? Maybe your dormers are too dark or your trees could use some up lighting. Or add moonlights to shine down on your home and property for a cool visual effect. Did you build a new pool and/or deck? Add lighting to show off the new addition and provide safety as well. Don’t neglect the side and back yards, they can benefit from professional lighting too.

For more expert advice on expansion and design, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at (423)-710-8645</a . Or check us out at www.Chattanooga.OutdoorLights.com.

Joe Bozich, President of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga Named Rising Star

We are happy to announce our very own Joe Bozich, President of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chattanooga, as the recipient of the Rising Star award given by the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) in Chattanooga, Tn. The Rising Star award is given annually to the company that best exemplifies not only business success, but an outstanding working relationship with the TSBDC and use of the services it provides.

Bozich started Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP), ([email protected]), in 2011 without any employees or customers. Today, he has four employees and over 200 customers. He says his entrepreneurial spirit, strong work ethic and enthusiasm for networking in the community led him to start this business. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the nation’s premier source for sophisticated landscape lighting.

Bozich says “The TSBDC has been a very valuable resource to our organization from day one. They have helped us create a business plan and financial budget when we were just starting out. The TSBDC also helped with staffing, recruiting, writing an employee handbook and finally relocation the business.” Joe said he is looking forward to an ongoing relationship after they relocate the office and shop.

An involved member of his community, Bozich currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga, as well as a Committee Member for Project Access and Membership Director at Scenic City Professional Alliance. He earned both his Bachelor’s Degree and his MBA from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He has lived in Chattanooga area for over 35 years.

The TSBDC (www.tsbdc.org) is a network that provides a single, comprehensive source for solutions to assist in the creation, management, expansion, and sustainability of businesses in Tennessee through consultation, education, referral and support services. Through these services, the TSBDC network contributes to the growth and development of Tennessee’s economy by assisting with domestic and international trade issues.

Meet Our Dedicated Lighting Professionals

Deciding between hiring a professional landscape lighting company or doing it yourself? Our installers are trained in electrical, landscape, construction and safety to give you the best possible outcome. We can climb trees, mount lights on roofs/gutters, inset lights in your deck and so forth. You don’t want to take a chance and fall off your roof or from a tree. We can reach high places, hard to reach places on the brow or put lights where you never dreamed of.

Our lighting technicians go the extra mile for our customers. Don’t be surprised if they happen to bring in your trash or leave your yard looking better than it did when they arrived.

Senior Technician Steven Rowley has been with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives since 2013. Originally from Los Angeles, Rowley has an extensive background in landscape irrigation and hardscaping. He loves getting to know his customers and takes pride in everything he does. In addition to servicing lighting systems, Rowley also gives potential customers night time demonstrations so they can see exactly what their lights will look like.
Chett Perry, our newest team member, comes to us from Lexington, KY. He is a former chef, a naturalist, and volunteers at the local nature and arboretum center. Perry says he loves his job because he gets to work outside and every day is different.

Let us provide you with more information so you can make an informed decision. Yes, outdoor lighting is an investment in your home and property. However, you’re paying for safety, security, beautiful curb appeal and ambiance.

Professionally installed lighting can help sell your home, light up dark corners and dormers, highlight beautiful architecture, patios and decks, brighten tree-lined areas, illuminate gardens and statues, and show off pools, ponds, bridges and gazebos. You want to look for quality fixtures. Ours are handcrafted in Nashville and come in brass or copper. Be sure to know what wattage/lumens your electrical system can handle. And you want to be careful when mixing lighting systems to ensure all lights have the same color and brightness. We also service other lighting systems as well.

For professional lighting installation, call the experts at (423)-710-8645</a. We can provide you with design, installation, maintenance, service and the best customer service around.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here for all your outdoor lighting needs. During our Free Custom Design Plan, we will show you the optimum locations around your home and throughout your yard to achieve stunning outdoor lighting effects. If you already have a lighting system but need it serviced or upgraded, we are happy to help. Please fill out the form below to contact us.